The benefits of patient-specific Voxelmed® solutions


With its patient-specific implants, Voxelmed® offers a wide range of benefits in veterinary medicine, for patients as well as surgeons. The implants stand out through their design, which is tailored precisely to the individual to be treated. State-of-the-art software and 3D printing methods create designs which follow the specific anatomy of each patient to develop an implant with a perfect fit.


Greater safety

With customized Voxelmed® implants, the elaborate “bending to size” of plates becomes a thing of the past; furthermore, the existing bone anatomy no longer has to be adjusted to the implant. After all, the implant is already tailored to the anatomy. This produces better results with less trauma for patients.


Shorter operating duration

Perfectly fitting implants significantly cut the duration of operations and with that the time the patient is under general anesthesia. This reduces both the associated risk of the narcosis as well as the risk of infection during the operation.


Digital ­surgery planning

You’ll know exactly what you’re about to encounter during surgery thanks to the digital surgery planning and the opportunity to make a 3D print of the bone anatomy. And all this before the animal is put under narcosis. This improves the preparation and minimizes risks. It additionally reduces stress for both the surgeon and the owner of the patient.