Patient-specific Voxelmed® implants

From digital imaging to digital implant design

The digital revolution has, already many years ago, given veterinarians CT/MRT imaging process tools. These allow them to gain detailed insight into patient anatomy.
All the same, for a long time it was still impossible to complete this customized therapy with tailored implants. Solutions reached no further than the customization of standard implants by bending. This took up valuable time in the OR and applications were limited by the prescribed implant shape.
Voxelmed® now closes this gap with its 3D-printed, patient-specific implants.

From the CT scan to the implant

Before a customized implant can be created, cross-sectional imaging methods such as CT/CBCT/MRT are used.
These data are then used to compile a 3D anatomic model. This 3D model in turn serves as the foundation to create a professional design for a customized implant – in ongoing consultation with the surgeon. After completion of the design phase, the implant is produced in a special 3D printer and then shipped to the veterinarian. The implant can be printed out of titanium or surgical steel, as desired. If needed, the correct fit can always be tested and the surgery trained using an anatomic model, ­which is also printed in 3D.